Acupuncture For Fertility

March 7, 2010

Fertility problems can be very frustrating, especially for couples who have wanted to have a child for many years. For some, it just seems like none of the regular treatments are working and that despite all their efforts nothing will work. Thankfully, there are alternative treatments that are showing signs of success in the realm of fertility. One that has been garnering support recently is the use of acupuncture for fertility. Although initially cast aside as myth, it is now common to see acupuncture used alongside other fertility treatment programs. Studies show that acupuncture increases the pregnancy success rate for those who are trying in vitro fertilization.

The reason why this works is still not totally clear to scientists, but some believe that it activates certain transmitters in the brain to boost natural hormone production. Others believe that it increases blood flow to the reproductive organs, allowing them to function better and have higher chances of success. Still, others believe that it compliments other infertility treatments by helping patients stay relaxed throughout the process. No matter which one is the true scientific reason why it works, the important part is that acupuncture for fertility does work on a consistent basis.

Acupuncture for fertility should generally start a few months before you begin other processes such as in vitro fertilization, and should continue until about 12 weeks into the pregnancy. It important to avoid puncturing skin near or in the abdominal and pelvic area after fertilization has taken place for safety reasons.

For an increase in fertility and pregnancy success rates, acupuncture is a great method that is both safe and natural. There are many trained practitioners who are familiar with using acupuncture for fertility and would be more than happy to help you start a family naturally and safely, using the ancient art of acupuncture.

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