What is Herbalism?

March 18, 2010

What is Herbalism? It is the branch of medicine which is often responsible for some of the most exciting innovations in medicine. You have probably used one of our most important herbal medicines and never given it a second thought. The basic definition is the use of a plant or plant extract used to treat a human condition.

What form of medicine has probably passed over your lips, and into your system for the purpose of improving your health? Salicylic acid has been used since the 19th century for treating fever, headaches, and other body aches. Salicylic acid was first extracted and processed from the bark of white willow trees, making it a form a herbal medicine. Today it is used to help in thinning the blood of patients with circulatory issues, also. What is the more common name of this magical substance? Aspirin.

Another form of herbal medication which is in high usage today, with high amounts of success is garlic. The use of garlic for the treatment of high cholesterol has been researched in many scientific studies.

Taking herbalism another step, you have heard of the importance of red wine in helping to reduce the effects of aging and of reducing the incidence of heart attacks. Since wine is an extract of grapes, it once again is a form of herbalism.

What is herbalism’s role in traditional medicine? Plants and plant extracts are some of the most commonly studied elements for finding cures for all kinds of illnesses, and treating a wide range of human conditions. There are over 100 specific plant extracts which are used in common medications today.

As your start checking into the effects and benefits of herbs for your health, you are going to discover a wide variety of products which report great effects, but have not been extensively tested by the medical or scientific community. Does this mean they are not effective? Not at all, it means simply they have not been studied with enough depth to make a determination either way. There are currently ingredients which report benefits in male sexual enhancement, weight loss, muscle gains, and memory improvement.

Often these claims associated to various forms of herbalism get exaggerated and the real benefits are hidden below the surface. The truth behind many forms of herbalism is they provide great benefits, but do not quite live up to the wild claims of over excited advertisers. If you really want to uncover the truth, you will need to visit a herbalism specialist, or read one of the great books on the subject. You will be excited to discover how many ways herbs, plants, and their extracts can improve your life.

What is herbalism’s role in your life? Probably much greater than you would have ever guessed. Your pain killers, many medications, and the methods you use for improving your own health are probably all based in herbalism and the study of plants and their extracts for improved health. Check a little deeper, and you may discover ways to enhance your life even further.

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